Cellular Education is pleased to offer several membership options. Please select your membership type from the list below. When you submit your membership, it will take our technicians some time to activate your new account. Please be patient.
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We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.

Educational Membership is a free membership that allows you to access our Lesson Plan Creator, Customer Service, Membership Communities, and additional resources.
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The Administrative Membership offers several additional services that cannot be found at the Educator Level. These services include: Technology Policy Development, Consulting Discounts, Management Suggestions, etc.
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The Technician Access Level is our most advanced membership plan. This plan provides resources for in-depth Plan Development, technology operation and maintenence, and management. This Membership was designed to support IT staff or Technology Directors in a School Setting.
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This is a limited edition Membership level. This level has access to all materials produced by Cellular Education. It also has a unique membership forum that is used as a direct line of communication to our members. Founders have unique titles in the organization (including forum signatures) as well as a say in the direction of the company. This membership is limited to the first 250 members.
$200/year (USD) Sign Up