Cellular Education was initially launched in the summer of 2009 to provide much needed training and resources for using mobile technologies in the classroom. Since its inception, Cellular Education has grown into a comprehensive training platform for all areas of Instructional Technology. Our memberships and resources have been accessed thousands of times by a variety of education professionals.

General Information

In the fall of 2010 Cellular Education was incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Colorado. As a LLC we have greater flexibility in soliciting investors and procuring materials.

We are primarily located in Boulder, Colorado. Since our services are entirely online, our physical presence is only important if you would like onsite trainings or vistis.

As Cellular Education continues to grow, we will need to expand our list of consultants and practicioners. Check this page for possible employment and contractor services.

Business Plan

Primary copies of our Business Plan are not available to the general public. Investors and Partners are given copies of our Business plan to help them understand the inner workings and finances of Cellular Education. Instead of being provided access to our entire business plan, the public is given access to the executive summary (see below). If you are interested in becoming an investor or business partner, please contact us for more information.
Cellular Education is committed to providing educators and educational professionals with the tools they need to succeed as we head into an uncertain economic future. Over the next few months you can expect periodic updates to our website and resources. For further information about our updates and release schedule, please consult the condensed strategic plan below.


Business Plan Summary